If your library is able to lend an item, the proper process is to mark a Pending request as Shipped and send the item to the borrowing library. 

Sometimes a Pending request will end up with as status of Will Supply, despite marking it as Shipped. This might happen for a couple of reasons.  

  • Make sure the barcode in the Lender's Barcode field in ComCat matches the barcode in the item you are Shipping.  If not, correct it to match.  
  • Check to see if there is a lending rule or status in your library’s local system that indicates that the item does not circulate in ComCat (for example: new books might only circulate at their home library for the first 60 days). See if circulation rules related to the item can be adjusted. If you need assistance on this, speak with your network office. 

Clear up any lending rule issues and try again to mark the item as Shipped in ComCat.