Sometimes a request will retain its Shipped status despite marking it as Received. This might happen if ComCat is not able to place a hold and build a temporary item record in the your library’s local system. Check the local system to see if the patron is somehow blocked. Some common problems with patron records include:

  • overdue items
  • fines and fees
  • too many items or holds
  • expired or mismatched barcode
  • patron group with limited permissions

Clear up any issues with their account and Receive the item again in ComCat. 

If this does not solve the issue, contact the network office for more information.  The network office may have an additional reason why the request cannot be Received.

If the issues cannot be resolved you can manually Receive an item so it can be checked out to a patron.  

To manually Receive an item:
-manually build a temporary item record for the request in your local library system
-alert the patron that their request has arrived
-if needed, place a hold for this item on the patron's account

When the patron is done using the items, the staff can send them back through delivery without making any changes in ComCat.  The Lending Library can still Complete the request when the items arrive.  Contact the Lending Library when sending the items in delivery so they know to expect them.  

Network-Specific Receiving Instructions 

Minuteman Library Network Scenario 1 - Has the patron changed their barcode since placing the request?

If yes, then staff can temporarily add a second barcode field to the Sierra patron record with the old barcode. With this field added, you should be able to receive the item in ComCat. Staff must remove this second barcode field after the request has been marked "Received" to avoid further issues/confusion.

Scenario 2 - It will be impossible to receive the item in ComCat due to a known glitch.

To manually Receive a ComCat item in Minuteman Sierra:

- Create a non-MLN ILL item record in Sierra (instructions are on the Minuteman Staff Site)

- Place a hold on the item in the patron's record in Sierra

- Check in the item in Sierra, to trigger the hold (and to generate the overnight hold notification to the patron)

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