If the Lending Library sends the wrong item for a request:

If the wrong item is still marked Shipped:

  • If possible leave the request as Shipped in ComCat. Have the item delivered back to the Lending Library. 
  • In addition to sending the item back, add a note to the request in ComCat stating that the wrong item was sent and the correct item should be re-sent. If you cannot add a note, consider contacting the Lending Library via phone or email. 
  • Once the correct item is delivered, mark it as Received in ComCat and process the request as usual. Depending on the timing of the delivery the request may have moved into the Not Received status. It can still be Received upon delivery.
  • When the patron is finished the item can be Returned and shipped back as normal.

If the wrong item has already been Received: 

  • Change the item's status to Returned and have the item delivered back to the Lending Library.  
  • Call the Lending Library to inform them that the wrong title had been delivered.  Once the Lending Library has Checked In the item in ComCat, they should delete the request to clear it from the system.  
  • After a day, the staff or patron can send a new request for the item.