Sometimes staff may mistakenly mark an item as Shipped (non returnable) instead of just Shipped.  The non returnable option is meant for photocopied articles, which we are not providing in the Commonwealth Catalog.  This option eliminates the return process for the item, since it assumes the item only needs to travel one-way.  

Choosing Shipped (non returnable) instead of just Shipped is an easy mistake to make, but it does cause problems.  Please be sure not to use this status in the future.  Unfortunately we are not able to hide or disable the Shipped (non returnable) option from the menu in the software.  

Because the item was marked non returnable, the requested was Completed the moment the borrowing library Received the item.  

The staff at the Borrowing Library will plan to send the item back when the patron is finished using the item, but you may want to make note of the item information and be sure to follow up in a few weeks if the item is not returned.