Sometimes staff may mistakenly mark an item as Shipped (non returnable) instead of just Shipped.  The non returnable option is meant for photocopied articles, which we are not providing in the Commonwealth Catalog.  This option eliminates the return process for the item, since it assumes the item only needs to travel one-way.  

Once a non returnable item has been marked Received at the borrowing library, it will Complete the request in the ComCat system without building a patron hold or temporary item record in your local system. In order to circulate the item to your patron, you will need to manually Receive the request.  

To manually Receive an item:
-manually build a temporary item record for the request in your local library system
-alert the patron that their request has arrived
-if needed, place a hold for this item on the patron's account

When the patron is done using the items, the staff can send them back through delivery without making any changes in ComCat.  The Lending Library can still Complete the request when the items arrive.  Contact the Lending Library when sending the items in delivery so they know to expect them.