Pending requests only remain in a library's ComCat request manager for four business days.  After this amount of time, the request will move onto the next potential library or going into an Unfilled/Retry status.  This change happens overnight during the software's midnight processing.  

If you have an item with a hold in your local library system and the request is no longer listed in your library's request manager, you will need to clear the hold that was placed on your item in your local system.  For best practices on how to do so in your local system, please contact your network office for assistance. 

You do not need to take any action in ComCat.  It is up to the borrowing patron or staff member to resubmit the request in ComCat if they would like to try again.  

If you find you have many holds in your library system with no requests in the request manager, contact your network office for further assistance.