If a patron's barcode is changed in your system, ComCat will recognize them as a new person when they use it to log in.

At this point, the patron will have two accounts in ComCat, one with their old barcode and one with the new one.

Requests from their old account will not be transferred over.

To ensure that future requests by the patron go smoothly:

  1. Submit a ticket with the helpdesk so we can delete their old account
    1. A patron's account cannot be deleted in ComCat until all of their active requests are completed.
  2. The patron should use their new barcode to log in and place requests from now on. 
    1. If there is a mismatch between the patron's barcode in the ILS and the patron's barcode in ComCat, some processes will fail.

Outstanding requests made with the patron's old barcode will need to be processed manually; staff will not be able to be update the status of these requests in ComCat.  

To manually Receive an item:

manually build a temporary item record for the request in your local library system

  • alert the patron that their request has arrived
  • if needed, place a hold for this item on the patron's account

When the patron is done using the items, the staff can send them back through delivery without making any changes in ComCat.  

The Lending Library can still mark the request "Complete" when the items arrive.  

Contact the Lending Library when sending the items in delivery so they know to expect them.  

When all requests are Completed on the patron's old barcode account, contact the helpdesk so that the old account can be deleted from ComCat.