A request will remain in the Returned status indefinitely, until library staff change the request's status.  


If the item was never returned to the Lending Library via the delivery system:

  1. Contact the Borrowing Library to see if the item is on their shelves or in their offices.  
  2. If the item is not found, contact the Massachusetts Library System office to see if the item was misplaced in the delivery system. 
    1. Email: delivery@masslibsystem.org Phone: 866-627-7228 or 508-357-2121
  3. If the item is lost during the delivery process, the Borrowing Library is responsible for the replacement cost. See section 4.9 “Responsibilities of the Requesting Library” from the ALA InterLibrary Loan Code of the United States:
    1. “Assume responsibility for borrowed material from the time it leaves the supplying library until it has been returned to and received by the supplying library. This includes all material shipped directly to and/or returned by the user. If damage or loss occurs, provide compensation or replacement, in accordance with the preference of the supplying library.”
    2. When a borrowing library is marked as a “pick up location” and not necessarily the patron’s home library, they become the responsible requesting library.
    3. If a Lending Library submits an official claim for an item that was lost in delivery, the Optima delivery system may pay the claim in place of the Borrowing Library.  The claim form can be submitted here
  4. The Borrowing and Lending Libraries will work together to come to a replacement/repayment agreement.