If an item is available in the local network, ComCat will prompt patrons to request the item through the local catalog.  Patrons will see a notice that their request has been Passed to the Local System and the local catalog will open in a new tab on their web browser.  

No request has been placed in ComCat or the local catalog.  Patrons will need to initiate a request through their local system. 

If an item appears to be available locally, but is not lendable for some reason (it is damaged or misplaced), staff can override the Pass to Local System alert.  

To override a request for an item that is available locally:

  • Log in as staff
  • Go to item record and click Request.  Staff will be prompted to search for the desired patron. Search and select the patron from the list. 

Note: A patron must have logged to ComCat in at least once in order for them to appear in the patron selection list.

  • The request form will appear with the patron’s information
  • Click Submit to send the request.  
  • When prompted that this item is available locally, select Staff Override to submit the request via ComCat.