By Policy the Lending Library cannot charge overdue fines to the Borrowing Patron or Borrowing Library.  

The Borrowing Library can charge fines and fees to their patron in accordance with any local policies.  

If an item is Lost or damaged, the Lending Library can contact and bill the Borrowing Library for fines.  The Borrowing Library can pass this cost onto their patron.  

If the Borrowing Library knows their patron has Lost an item, the Borrowing Library can contact the Lending Library to let them know the status of the item and to begin the billing process.  

There will be two transactions (in no particular order):

Between the Lending Library and the Borrowing Library

Between the Borrowing Library and their patron 

The ComCat system itself does not process payments.  Any bills or invoices will be between two libraries directly.  

The Lending Library will eventually Complete or Delete the request from the ComCat system once the transaction has been satisfied.  

See additional documentation if the item is Lost in Delivery:

Lost in Delivery - Never Arrived to Borrowing Library

Lost In Delivery - Never Returned to Lending Library