Commonwealth Catalog patrons have two options for logging in

  • Selecting the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner
  • As part of placing a request - Please note: For best results, patrons and staff should log in prior to searching and requesting. 

It is important the patron chooses their home library the first time they log in.  ComCat automatically associates the patron with this original library.  If a patron selects the wrong library, it must be manually changed by a ComCat Administrator. 

A patron’s home library is the default pickup and borrowing library location for the patron. The patron does have the option of changing their default pickup location (see My Account), or changing the pickup location for a specific request (see Patron Requesting).


Selecting the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner

Patrons can use the ‘Login’ link in the upper right corner of the ComCat home page at any time to log in to ComCat.  The patron’s home library affects how the catalogs are searched.  It is best to log in before searching in order to provide the best results. 

Selecting the “Login” link will bring up the login window.


Figure 1- Login window


Patrons can select their library by scrolling through the drop down list or by typing the library name or code in the box.


Figure 2 - Library field will auto-fill as the user types




Note:  Depending upon where the patron accesses the login form, the login field labels may not match the patron’s network requirements, but they may still enter their login information.  (For example, the field may say “PIN” in place of “Last Name” or vice versa). 


Depending upon their computer settings, selecting the “Remember Me?” checkbox may cause the system to remember the values in the identifying fields.


After selecting their library and entering their information the patron selects the “Submit” button.  


ComCat will then automatically authenticate the patron account with the local library system, verifying their borrowing status, and updating patron information and email addresses based on the information in the local library system. 


Patron information cannot be edited in ComCat.  If a patron finds their information needs to be updated, changes must be made in the local library system directly. 




It is important the patron chooses their home library the first time they log in.   



Logging in when placing a request


If the patron has not logged in and selects the “Request This Item” button they will be presented with the login window.



After filling in their information and selecting the “Submit” button, they will be presented with the Request Item form where they can submit their request.



My Account


Once logged in, a patron may access their Account by selecting the “My Account” link in the upper right hand corner.




    My Account features a left hand menu:

    • Your Transactions – Items from Other Libraries
    • View current requests
    • Change pickup location for requests in Pending status
    • Cancel requests in Pending or Retry status.

    2.  Your Settings

    • Your Profile
    • Contains patron information as returned from the patron’s local library system.  Patrons cannot modify this information.  Staff members with User Admin privileges can modify the information in ComCat but it will be overwritten by the local library system data the next time the patron logs in. To update patron information, update it in the local library system. 
    • Your Preferences – Change the patron’s default pickup location.  Unless modified, a patron’s auto-fill pickup location will be their home library (where they log in). 
    • To change a patron’s default pickup location:
    • Select the desired default pickup location from the drop down menu
    • Click Save

    • Your Favorite Resources - User can select their default network catalogs to search.  It is recommended to leave this preference on “Check All.” 
    • Your Favorite Web Links - This is not an applicable function for the ComCat. 

    3.  Search History – Depending on browser settings, this link retains searches conducted by the patron for a period of time.