Awaiting Approval Status

Guest Requests:

Sometimes you will see a request sitting in "Awaiting Approval" that was placed by someone with the barcode "Guest." This is the result of a glitch where users can bypass logging in by entering empty credentials at two different libraries. Currently, we advise that you delete any requests placed by "Guest" and report them to the helpdesk. Staff can either replace the request on the patron's behalf or have the patron replace the request themselves. Requests with the barcode "Guest" will need to be processed manually because they don't have a valid patron barcode attached to them and your system won't be able to recognize who the item is supposed to be checked out to. 

Patron Notes:

When a patron submits a request they have the option to enter notes.  If there is information in the patron’s Notes field, the request is sent to “Awaiting Approval” at the Borrowing Library.  The request must then be approved before it is sent to the lender list. 

An example of a patron note might be “Hardcover edition preferred.” 

Many patron’s Notes may relate to multi-volume records.  For more information see the Requesting Specific Volumes section at the end of this guide.

In order to protect patron privacy, patron’s Notes are not visible to the lending library.  Patron’s Notes must be copied into the Borrower’s Notes field in order to be seen by the lending library.  Before approving the request, be sure to copy all relevant patron’s Notes into the Borrower’s Notes field.  If the patron’s Notes are NOT copied into the Borrower’s Notes, the lender will never receive this information.  


Note Handling

Patron’s Notes are not visible to the lending library.  The borrowing library must move the patron’s Note to the Borrower’s Note field in order to pass the information to the lending library. 

  1. In the Request Manager, click the Awaiting Approval link.
  2. Click on the title of the request.  This will bring up the full record.
  3. Locate the Patron’s Notes field.  Notes of a social nature do not need to be copied, but notes relevant to the request will need to be copied into the Borrower’s Notes field. 
  4. If there are relevant Patron’s Notes, copy them into the Borrower’s Notes field.
  5. In the Status Options drop down menu, select “Approved- Send” if the request is ready to be sent to the lender list. 
  6. To save the changes click ‘Submit’ in the upper right corner.

The request has now been sent to the lender list and is pending a trading partner response. 


Requesting Specific Volumes

Best practices indicate that all volumes for a title should be cataloged under one record.  Depending on the cataloger, this may not always be the case.  If the volumes have separate item records, the patron or staff member can request volumes individually, like requesting separate titles. 


Please note: ComCat cannot place a hold on a particular volume in a set.  Staff will need to pay attention to notations in the request record if a specific volume is needed.  Patrons can only request one volume at a time from a multi-volume set.  

If a staff member is requesting a specific on behalf of a patron: 

  1. Search for an item and bring up the item record.  It will show if there are multiple volumes. 
  2. Click Request this Item. 
  3. Search and select a patron for this request. 
  4. In the request form, in the “Specific Volume Needed” field, enter information regarding volumes needed.     
  5. Submit the request.