Reading and Editing the Lender List

The Lender List appears on the Request Full Record Display and is created by the system when the request status is changed to Approve-send.  For Commonwealth Catalog requests this occurs when a request is submitted by a patron, or if the patron added notes in the patron note field, when ILL staff manually set the request to Approve-send. 

Each entry in the Lender List begins with the library code. It may also include the days to respond, call number and record identifier – all separated by a comma, as in the example.

The Record Identifier value varies by ILS but is generally the value found in the 001 field and can be located in the Commonwealth Catalog by viewing the Marc Display tab of the owning library’s record.

All aspects of the Lender List can be edited so long as the format is preserved. For example you would rather the request only stayed in the pending status for 1 day at a particular library, you could change the “4” to a “1”. 

Alternatively, you could create your own lender list by entering the required values in the Lender List box.

Lenders are removed from the Lender List when they set the status of a pending request to Will Not Supply, after which the request will move to the next line on the list.

ILL Request History Information

The History Information for each request appears on the Request Full Record Display and is created by the system throughout the life of the request. The history displays in reverse chronological order and each entry in the history contains:

  • The code for the library or system that initiated the change in status.
  • The user name of the individual who initiated the change.
  • The date and time the change in status was made.

Additionally the first line of the History contains a Note documenting the creation of the request. 


Notes: Created from Z39.50 record Created from Z39.50 record 1609848: Fenway Libraries Online by staff