Requesting Multiple Copies

This feature is for requesting multiple copies of the same title, ideal for book clubs.  This feature can only be initiated by staff and the requests must be associated with a patron’s account in order to be completed.

  • Log in as staff
  • Search for the item.  Open up the full item record. 
  • In the bottom left there is a menu titled: staff functions.  Click the multi-copy link.

In the multi-copy request form complete the following:

  1. Notice that a lender list has been generated.
  2. Specify the number of copies needed.   Entering a number greater than 1 generates multiple requests.  A normal request would default to 1.  If the number is greater than the number of available copies in the lender list, a pop up will appear:
    1. Click the OK and either decrease the Number of Copies Needed specified, or add additional lenders to the Lender List. 
  3. Click submit to request multiple copies of the same item. 

When successfully submitted, the system will submit a separate request number for each copy. 

In the Request Manager, staff members can view the requests.  They will appear on multiple lines. 

The multi copy requests will also appear in a list in the patron’s “My Account”