The statistics features can only be accessed by staff accounts.  Some reports can only be viewed online while others can only be downloaded as Microsoft Excel documents.  ILL Staff accounts can only retrieve statistics for their individual library.  Administrator assistance will be needed to get network or system-wide statistics.

Navigating to the statistics menu

  1. Log in and go to the Staff Dashboard
  2. Find the Statistics box
  3. Click Reports and Downloads

Types of Reports

  • Borrowing Report – basic count of items borrowed, subdivided by trading partner
  • Lending Report – basic count of items lent, subdivided by trading partner
  • Net Activity Report – basic count of total items lent and borrowed between trading partners
  • Request Record Report – in-depth, itemized list of titles and requests submitted
  • Lender Response Report – in-depth, itemized list of titles lent to trading partners


Entering Report Criteria

From the Reports and Download page:

  1. Enter a start and end date for the statistics being calculated. 
    1. The dates are inclusive.  For example, selecting February 1 to February 28 would include all statistics for the month of February (including transactions on the 1st and 28th)
    2. More than one report can be selected and run at one time.  If more than one is selected, they appear one below the other in one scrollable page (if viewed online) or in separate download links and separate Excel files (if downloaded). 
  2. Select the type of report to run.
  3. Make a selection for ‘Display each site even if statistics are zero?’
    1. If left as ‘yes’ the report will display every library in the Commonwealth Catalog, even if no requests were exchanged.  This makes for a very large report. 
    2. If ‘no’ is selected, the report will only display libraries in the Commonwealth Catalog with whom your library traded.  
  4. Click Submit to run the report.


Report Types

Borrowing and Lending Reports

These are basic reports that count requests, supplied items, cancellations, etc.  They are not downloadable, and must be viewed online. 

Example of an online Borrowing Activity Report


Net Activity Report

This report is an overview of net trading.  It can be viewed online or downloaded.  This report displays the total items exchanged each library’s relationship.

Report Term
Physical items lent or borrowed
Copies / Net Copies
Refers to photocopies made of individual articles. At this time, the Commonwealth Catalog does not allow for requests to be placed on articles. These fields should always be zero.
Net Returnables
Net ILL activity for the library (calculated as loans minus borrows).  Negative numbers in this column means the library borrowed more than it lent.

Example of a downloaded Net Activity Report



Request Records and Lender Response Records

Request Records Report shows requests from a Borrowing perspective. This itemized report is a "snapshot" of active requests and their current status for the date range selected.

Lender Responses Report shows requests from a Lending perspective. This itemized report is a "snapshot" of active requests and how lending libraries responded to each request for the date range selected.


Interpreting Request Records Reports

Disposition Statuses:

  • In Process -- request exists between Awaiting Lenders status and Shipped status
  • Cancelled -- request was cancelled by the requesting patron or staff
  • Passed to local system -- request was passed to network's local request system
  • Retry -- item was not currently available for lending (example: item currently checked out at all lenders, but may be available when returned)
  • Unfilled -- item was not available for lending at all possible lenders
  • Expired -- the Need By Date passed and the request received no response from all possible lenders. A request will not be marked as Expired if the lender has taken action (for example, if the Need By Date passes while the item is Shipped, it will not Expire but remain Shipped).
  • Filled -- request exists between Received status and Complete status

Other Statuses:

  • Created by “unknowN” – the system was not able to gather patron or staff information about the requester; most often, this is a guest who has not logged in and their request was passed to the local system, therefore not prompting a login
  • Supplier is “none” – a lending library was never selected due to the request being passed to the local system, a cancellation, etc.

For consideration:

  • Requests in Retry need attention: they will not be cleared from the system on their own. Requests in Retry should be resubmitted, or deleted.  

Interpreting Lender Response Reports

Disposition Statuses:

  • In Process – request is pending at a particular lending library; the request has gone beyond Awaiting Lenders, but the lending library has not yet shipped the item, nor has the request timed out at that particular lender
  • Will Not Supply – lending library is not able to lend this item
  • Cancelled – request was cancelled by the borrowing patron or borrowing library
  • No response – request spent 4 days waiting at the lending library with no response, and moved onto the next possible lender
  • Retry – request went to all lending libraries and the item is currently unavailable, though it may be available for borrowing in the future (example: item is checked out now, but will circulate if available upon return)
  • Shipped – request was Shipped to borrowing library

For consideration:

  • Typically libraries should not have many requests that end in No Response
    • If the library needs to check the Request Manager more often: contact the helpdesk about setting up staff email reminders when new requests are submitted.
    • If the library will be closed for a longer period of time: contact the helpdesk for holiday options.

Statuses that should not be in use:

  • Disposition: “Lost”
  • Disposition: “Will Supply” - if the lending library will be sending the item, the request should remain Pending until the lending library marks it as Shipped. Staff should never be mark a request as Will Supply.  If there is a technical problem when marking the item Shipped, the system may automatically assign the Will Supply status.
  • Loan Type: “Copy” - this loan type pertains to periodical photocopies and non-returnable loans which are not permitted under Commonwealth Catalog policy.

If you see these statuses in regular use, please contact your network office for further training or submit a question to the helpdesk.

Example of a downloaded Lender Response Record Report