Printing Bookstraps

1.  Log in as staff and go to the Staff Dashboard

2.  Select Maintain Bookstraps from the ILL Admin menu

3.  From the “Include” drop down menu select Shipped Status Only

a. This will show all items being lent.

4.  From the “View” drop down menu make a selection:

  • Unprinted Labels Only – show bookstraps that have not yet been formatted to print
  • Printed Labels Only – show bookstraps that have been formatted to print at least once
  • Both Printed and Unprinted – shows all bookstraps regardless of whether or not they have been formatted to print

5. After making a selection, check off individual bookstraps to print or check off “select all.”

6. Click Format to Print to view and print the bookstraps.

Understanding Bookstraps

After clicking “Format to Print” the bookstraps will open in a separate window.  Select print from the browser menu or use a keyboard shortcut (on a Mac: Command P   on a PC: Control P). 

The Commonwealth Catalog automatically prints between 2 and 4 bookstraps per page.  To print them in pairs of two, only select two records at a time before selecting Format to Print.  The example library only had three requests to print, so the #4 bookstrap space is a blank placeholder. 

Each bookstrap automatically fills in these key features:

  • Request Number
  • Request Number as a barcode
    • (this is not the item’s barcode at its home library)
  • Lending Library route letter – this is for staff reference only: a routing slip is still required for delivery
  • Lending Library name
  • Item title
  • Item barcode number
  • Scanable item barcode
    • (this is the item’s barcode at its home library-- it can be used to find the record in your local system)
  • Borrowing library route letter - this is for staff reference only: a routing slip is still required for delivery
  • Borrowing Library Information
  • Space for notes

Bookstrap and Routing Slip Best Practices


Bookstrap – Bookstraps are produced by the Maintain Bookstraps feature in ComCat. 

  • Please note: ComCat also has an option for Shipping Labels. These labels are never used.  Be sure to select Maintain Bookstraps, and not Maintain Shipping Labels when preparing items for delivery. 

Bookstrap Stickers – Bookstrap stickers printed using the official sticker template can be used in place of a ComCat-generated bookstrap.  The template is available on the Helpdesk page.  It is designed to fit Avery Labels Product #6464. 

Please note: Hand-written bookstrap stickers will be missing certain features, such as scanable barcodes and additional item and location information.  Staff are encouraged to use the printed, ComCat-generated bookstraps instead of stickers whenever possible.


Routing Slip – In addition to the bookstrap or sticker, a Routing Slip must be filled out and attached for delivery.

When filling out a Routing Slip:

See the examples below for details.