Sometimes, an avid user of ComCat will run into this message when trying to place a request:

Patrons are only allowed 10 active requests at a time according to ComCat policy.

Whether or not a request counts towards this 10 item limit is determined by its status.

(Please refer to our chart on "Statuses that count toward the ILL limit" for more information.)

As a staff member, you cannot override this message because that goes against policy.

To assist a patron who is eager to borrow more items but is currently blocked:

  • From the Staff Dashboard, in the ILL Admin tab under "Borrower" click on "Patron Browse"
  • View the patron's requests in the table and determine whether or not some of them can be deleted
  • Clear up old requests by updating their status to "Delete" (don't forget to press Submit!)

*Currently there is a glitch where "Cancelled" requests are counting towards the ILL limit. 

We are working to fix this issue with the vendor. (1/31/2019)